︎     I am a graphic designer and creative based in London. Currently I am freelancing and looking for new opportunities.
          I graduated from Ravensbourne University, North Greenwich, with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. I have previously studied at City of Glasgow College and the Ealing Institute of Media.
          I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked at some brilliant workplaces over the past few years; most notably SEGA, BCW and Lola’s Cupcakes.

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My focus was primarily on creating assets for the Pupil brand whilst supporting the Spec and Stak brands.
          I was fortunate enough to take ownership of the brands alongside the lead designer, giving me freedom conceptualising and creating new assets whilst iterating and developing existing ones.
          While my role was that of a designer I also balanced it out with marketing duties and a little bit of copywriting when it came to social media.  

Studio: Pupil
Year: 2019 - 2020
︎ Print, Packaging, Identity, Art Direction

Central 23

A series of sample cards designed and conceptualised for Century 21. 
          Designed to invoke a sense of humour, digital drawing skills, and purely typographic + layout skills.

Studio: Self-Initiated
Year: 2020
︎ Print, Packaging, Art Direction

National Bus Group

Re-drew the company logo for the Routemaster Bus London sub-brand, also created multiple variations.
              Added a few small changes after consulting the founder and after a few revisions managed to create something which worked very well.

Studio: National Bus Group
Year: 2019

︎ Identity, Art Direction

SODA ~ School of the Digital Age

Brought on to essentially re-focus the brand and apply its identity on to various forms of print, as well as refine existing digital content and materials.
              Experimented with different layouts and paper sizes coming up with new concepts in the form of print materials that would be given out at the SODA pop-up shop in Selfridges, London.
              I decided to re-imagine the current template and change the design to correspond to the time of the year, particularly if there was a seasonal event or holiday. This would mean that designs and layouts would be constantly changing and evolving.

Studio: Soda Says
Year: 2017-2018

︎ Print, Identity, Art Direction

Lola's Cupcakes

I produced print and digital materials during a large scale rebrand project that was taking during my time with the design team.
          This ranged from completely refreshing the current brochure, re-designing staff uniforms, photo and video editing, as well as working on vinyl graphics for point of sale locations.

Studio: Lola's Cupcakes
Year: 2018

︎ Print, Packaging, Identity, Art Direction