︎     I am a graphic designer and creative based in London. Currently I am freelancing and looking for new opportunities.
          I graduated from Ravensbourne University, North Greenwich, with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. I have previously studied at City of Glasgow College and the Ealing Institute of Media.
          I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked at some brilliant workplaces over the past few years; most notably SEGA, BCW and Lola’s Cupcakes.

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Limited to only using one typeface of my choice and illustrating words from the haiku

Experimentations created using a variety of different mediums and papers


An experimental typography project in which I was given a choice of a typeface and haiku.

I created set of typographic panels based on a Haiku by Anselm Hollo; created in various mediums and paper types, as well as producing screen-printed typographic posters. I was limited to only one typeface (Bodoni) and had to stay away from the mac during the initial stages!